METAFORMY International Meetings of Puppetry Schools will be held on October 11-14, 2022. at the S. Wyspianski Academy of Theater Arts in Krakow, Wroclaw Branch.

For many years, within the framework of the Festival we have been building an open platform for the exchange of tropes and directions followed by puppet theater. We would like Wrocław to become a meeting place of traditional puppet forms with a new, often unconventional language of form. Let’s enrich together the contemporary discourse of puppetry with new, fresh ideas corresponding to the changes in puppetry of the 21st century. 

 For the fifteenth time we want Wrocław to become the capital of puppetry – an art that moves, amazes and stimulates reflection. This time we are acting under the slogan „What’s up puppet”.

This year edition under the slogan „What’s up puppet” aims to boldly discuss and
exchange experiences based on three levels:
[—-] present line (experiences of contemporary puppetry),
[===] future line (space to search for an alternative puppet narrative),
[^^^] lab line (line of experiments with a puppet, an object, new technologies, design,
scenery and computer games).

The program of the Festival is extended to include an active laboratory space –
exploratorium – in which we will offer workshops and experiments with light, image
and sound. Let us enrich the contemporary puppet discourse with the new, fresh ideas
corresponding to the changes in 21st century puppetry.